Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Support Petition

We've set up an i-Petition to gather support for our cause. Please sign it, as well as emailing the University Vice Chancellor as we suggested bellow. We've had loads of Cc's of people's emails to the VC already and the more shows of support the better!!



  1. Can you set one up for those who think you're morons too please - just in the interests of a balanced debate and all that


  2. more importantly could you answer to the critical posts (majority of these are well posed and reasonable). An example of critical post below:

    "There are many things which could be said about this occupation. I will just limit myself to one of them. On the Facebook group, it says: "Sheffield students overwhelmingly voted to move into occupation to win our demands." The way the text has been phrased indicates strongly that "Sheffield students" should be read as "Sheffield students as a whole" rather than "some Sheffield students". If you take yourselves to be acting on behalf of all Sheffield students, backed up by a democratic vote, I want to know:

    1. When was this vote held?
    2. Why wasn't I (and presumably many others) informed about it?
    3. How can I register my disagreement?

    You can do whatever you want, but I reserve the right to protest if you're doing things in MY name without MY consent. That's my simple point. This is a question which perhaps should have been asked at the Facebook group but I do not wish to give the impression that I support this occupation by joining that group. Hence I ask this question here. I hope you take it in the relatively non-polemical spirit in which it is written."

    Btw your demands are ludicrous. May be you should prepare more "down to earth" demands.

    About demand 10. This demand implies that you are supported by some socialist society. I would not agree to be supported by socialist who acknowledge only romantic face of socialism (you know Che with his AK47, Fidel, revolution and beautiful Cuba). There is also much "colder" version of socialism (Communism) for me represented for instance by the Great Hunger - Holodomor (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodomor). Although this last paragraph is only a digression.

    In the end I agree with the previous post. Can you set one up for those who disagree with your action? and stop laying that you are representing all Sheffield students. We all know this is not true...

  3. There does appear to be a significant lack of reasoned, educated, rational debate on any of the perfectly sensible points which have been raised through various comments on this blog.

    Perhaps this suggests the occupation was a first - rather than last - resort due to an inability to convey the group's views in an eloquent and coherent manner. Even worse, perhaps it was a petulant knee-jerk copycat act after seeing the equally immature behaviour of students at other universities in the last few weeks.

    Or maybe it's the only way they can get girls.

  4. p.s. I've seen the girls, they are fat

  5. I'd be surprised to see the detractors actually organize a meaningful organization of their own on the same campus. Hell, it happens here in Dumbfuckistan, USA. Otherwise you have even less credibility than the allegedly 'isolated' occupiers here. You could even start your own chapter of the Youth for Western Civilization.

  6. Don;t reply to me. I am nobody and stupid

  7. Actually, instead of internet trolling, why not head down to those lecture halls and have a chat? We got members of the Youth for Western Civilization to come out to the NYU occupation and actually sit down and have a discussion on the issues. I gotta hand it to them, for being such committed bigots, they did a bang-up job of representing with class and honor. That goes to show you how meaningful these criticisms posted herein really are worth.

  8. I can't think of anything that says freedom more than being governed by an organisation that extensively quotes the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in its manifesto.

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  10. The reason we're not replying to any or every internet question raised is a simple one:

    We don't have time. We're working on other things during the day.
    We've made it clear in all our releases that people are welcome to come down and discuss things (criticisms or support), but we don't have the luxury of sitting in front of the computer all day answering childish posts about how ineffective and high-in-the-sky we supposedly are.

  11. Several people have posted well reasoned questions which you have failed to answer.

    If you have time to occupy a lecture theatre 24 hours a day you have time to answer peoples questions. Believe it or not most people have actual jobs they have to do so the easiest way to communicate is via this blog, after all this is the 21st century!

  12. Mr Anonymous above - you obviously have no idea what an occupation entails. These students will be arranging speakers/meetings/discussions/general events, talking to/informing press, trying to get themselves food/supporters etc from the outside, probably having issues with security...

    It's a busy process, and I'm sure they will answer you're questions once they can, but in the mean time they have been threatened with a court injunction for christ's sake - they have bigger fish to fry than a few sad 'internet trolls' who as MARC so rightly said, should enter into a polite and intellectual debate with these people if they're that bothereed, rather than just being pure rude.

    And those that are posing the more balanced queries; after all you talk about work etc, but in those terms it is not probable to expect a reply to a query within what, three to five working days... give these guys a break - it's not the same as yours but they are working.

    And to be honest I'm ashamed of pretty much all of you


    it really is enfuriating!

  13. not everyone is insulting you, many have asked reasonable questions and they are just ignored.

    The whole "we are too busy" is not good enough. 4 or 5 days to answer an email enquiry - ridiculous in any organisation. You only need 1 person to spend half an hour out of 24 hours to answer peoples questions.

  14. "it really is enfuriating!"

    No, it's infuriating.

    Also, re: - "they have been threatened with a court injunction for christ's sake"

    I can't help but wonder who's fault that is. Suggestions anyone?

  15. If you dont agree with the occupation sign this one: