Monday, 23 March 2009

Bombard Burnett... again!

We are asking our supporters to send the following model email (or an adapted version of it) to Vice Chancellor Keith Burnett at to put some pressure on him to open up negotiations with us! Copy your emails to us at, and to Burnett's secretary at


Professor Burnett -

I understand that, despite a verbal agreement from yourself, negotiations involving the student occupiers and other interested parties are yet to take place. I further understand that the proposed negotiation process, if it takes place at all, will take place without input from the occupiers.

I believe that a negotiation process centrally involving the occupiers (as well as other relevant organisations such as the Palestine Society) is in the interests of all involved, as it is clearly the only way to move the situation forward towards a satisfactory conclusion.

I therefore call on you to listen to the increasing student pressure (on campus and elsewhere) for negotiations around the campaign demands.



  1. Hi guys,

    I'm kind of a neutral to the whole thing, but I have been following the blog and the protest with interest. I wouldn't say I approve of what you're doing, but I'd defend anyone to the death who stands up for what they believe in.

    My question is, if you're willing to divulge, would there come a stage where you just felt you were bashing your heads against a brick wall, and is there some form of exit plan?

    While it might be nice to think that you could go on forever, from what I see, the VC is willing to keep silent, safely in the knowledge that you have exams, coursework, boy/girlfriends, families, money to earn, etc... and so won't last until infinity.

    Good luck for now and the future,

    Tom x

  2. "is there some form of exit plan? "

    Run away! Run away!