Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Cooperation with Lecturers

We have just cooperated with an English Literature lecturer to allow them to use one of the lecture theaters for a seminar.

It was originally scheduled for Lt 6 which we are occupying, and the management re-located them to a room that was already in use by another group. We were more than happy to let them use Lt 5 which is empty, even though management had designated it "closed" today.

We will endeavor to cooperate with all other lecturers scheduled to take lectures in Hicks Lt 5, 6 and 7 during our occupation. Our aim is to disrupt University Management, not students education.


  1. It *would* be disruptive to University Management if you disrupt students' education though! That's the point.

    You can't go on having an occupation by way of politeness and acquiescence. You seem to be undermining your own intentions.

  2. Bravo! Newcastle University also re-located lectures during our occupation despite us facilitating two lectures in the occupied space at the beginning of the occupation. Students that were angry with us generally came round when they realised it was the Uni that had taken action to disrupt their education, not us.
    Solidarity! Keep it up, you have a lot of support from all over the country.

  3. Katie Wellbrook17 March 2009 at 19:36

    I was in the lecture that was re-located and had it not been for the students that are occupying the lecture theatre we wouldn't have had a lecture at all since the university re-located us to a tiny seminar room that was already being used - thanks guys! keep it up!

  4. You guys are so generous. Shame there aren't more people like you - it's a real surprise any lectures go ahead at all the rest of the year without the unparalleled support of the occupation parties.

    Higher Education these days eh.