Thursday, 19 March 2009

Latest on negotiations

University management to us (responding to our communication viewable here -

Thank you for your message of late this morning.

The Vice Chancellor and one of his Pro-Vice-Chancellors met with seven members of the Union of Students Executive this morning and agreed that lines of communication should be re-established with the University of Sheffield student body over the issues raised by a number of different interest groups concerned with events in Gaza.

It was agreed that a meeting should be set up as soon as possible with representative student officers from the various organisations involved in current campaigns. Its important that, to facilitate dialogue, the number of participants in this meeting is kept to a reasonable number . A member of the University's Executive Board would attend to represent the institution's perspective, although who that would be would depend on the timing of the meeting. This meeting should be held in the Union of Students building. University staff would also be present at the meeting to ensure that the meeting was only attended by registered University of Sheffield students.

Best wishes,

The Vice-Chancellor's Office

Us to the VC, in response to the above:

Dear Keith Burnett and the Pro-Vice Chancellors,

While the members of the Occupation are disappointed that we will all not be able to take part directly with negotiations, we have agreed to send a delegation.

This delegation will have a mandated position, and any decisions will have to be ratified by the Occupation before they can be approved in the negotiations.

We have voted on suggesting an initial delegation size of 10, to represent the Occupation. We ask that the university replies to this e-mail as soon as possible so that a meeting can be arranged for Friday.

We understand that Keith Burnett may be out of Sheffield on Friday, but we are keen to get negotiations started with other members of the management team.

The Occupiers


  1. Good luck with the negotiations. I hoe that you manage to get something and that this whole hoo-hah wasn't for nothing.

  2. I'm reasonably sure the VC has better things to do than listen to your wittering rubbish - on Friday or any other day

    Keep on trying though - stick it to 'the man' etc. I'm fairly sure the amount of his time you're taking up won't be of detriment the Uni in the long term, probably.

  3. To the occupiers, please play this song on max :

    Ignore the dude above, hes juse jelous that he didnt think of it first.

  4. I am from Palestine, I assure you my friends that what you're doing is noted back home in Palestine and that you bring us hope.

    Good luck!

  5. Hey,

    Someone saying they were an occupier gave me this repsonse:

    I'd like to have it as a proper post on the website. All I'd need is a name, or confirmation that they are actually an occupier.



  6. the independent carries quotes from Israeli soldiers in Gaza today, e.g. "I call it murder":