Monday, 23 March 2009

Part 2 - the awkward sequel

Following University management's attempts to secure an eviction order against the occupation of the Hicks Building Lecture Theatres the occupying collective elected to relocate to the University's nice, shiny exhibition space in Jessops West. The demands of the occupying collective remain the same, as does their commitment to negotiate a de-escalation of the action with University management and their determination to see such a positive resolution. The VC has as of yet not fulfilled his commitment to meet with interested parties (The Palestine Society, Islamic Circle, Union Officers and Jewish Society) to discuss constructive ways of implementing the occupying collectives demands. We are dismayed that the VC appears flagging on his prior commitments on this issue. Similarly we are disapointed by the effective exclusion of the occupation from this process given the VC's verbal commitment for inclusion in this process which his staff have subsequently reversed.
The planned events for this afternoon and evening have continued with a 4:30 talk on "Palestine Past and Present" and an expected film showing. We endeavour to keep a friendly and respectful relationship with University staff.



    heyy this is a list of MPs who have signed a motion supporting the occupations, we should contact them and ask them to write to the VC to support the cause.

    Natasha V xx

  2. Good on the VC.

    I wouldn't want to talk to you halfwits either.

  3. gee whiz, give it up - everyone laughing at you now - goodbye to your studies

    you think any university will accept you now?

  4. I really do hope the repercussions are particularly harsh on you all.

  5. Unleash the hounds!

  6. "We endeavour to keep a friendly and respectful relationship with University staff. "

    You'll have to go a long way to earn any kind of respect after this kind of pathetic behaviour

  7. I hardly think employers will welcome people like this with open arms. Come on occupiers, leave your idealistic little world and join the real one.

  8. From an outsiders perspective - this is hilarious! Thoroughly enjoying this.

    Move Unis if u dont like it...

  9. None of you have actually engaged with any of the ideas. We have wide support from staff, students and lecturers. You are simply removed from this process and you have no idea what you're talking about.

  10. "None of you have actually engaged with any of the ideas"



    plenty people have engaged with the ideas, plenty of people are broadly supportive of the cause, plenty people think you are petulant, immature morons going about things in a completely immoral and pointless way.

    If you listened occasionally (assuming you can hear from all the way up on your high horse), you might find an opportunity for some practical and balanced debate which may even gain you more support if conducted on a sensible basis.

    Until then, just don't bother, really. We've all had enough of your sanctimonious bullshit. You're the ones who won't listen or engage. Stop the hypocrisy, stop the occupations, grow up.

  11. "None of you have actually engaged with any of the ideas"


    idea number 1: occupy buildings
    idea number 2: make outreageous demands
    idea number 3: ummm...

    hee hee hee

    I bet you're having a right giggle

  12. I just wanted to learn! Im the victim!

    uh oh.... now i'm gonna have to have an occupation..


    solidarity bros

  13. bye bye degrees!

  14. Since when was not being apathetic cunts not "grown up".
    Perhaps you should open your fucking eyes and look at what the other occupations round the country have achieved. They are supported by Stop the War, CND, the PSC among many others so just stop fucking whining about your education being ruined and actually use your brain for something other than setting out to make as much fucking money as possible.

  15. support by stop the war, cnd and psc?

    err so u got support from people with the same views - congrats

    shame you have alienated everyone else and been tarred with the 'fucking pathetic cunt' brush by a load more people

  16. "err so u got support from people with the same views - congrats"

    My point was that they/we are not isolated or alone. Do you really disagree with STWC that much? If they think that the student occupations are a good idea then perhaps you should at least consider the possibility.

  17. no, the STWC are a bunch of cunts too, whos actions have been totally fruitless

    much like yours

    try doing something useful for once

  18. "no, the STWC are a bunch of cunts too, whos actions have been totally fruitless

    much like yours

    try doing something useful for once"
    I don't see you doing much for anybody other than yourself.

    Also learn to fucking spell for christ's sake.

  19. "I had much fun reading the shit posted here by people against the occupation. I have seen what war does, and i can assure you...computers and books help more than you can imagine. It may not make any sense to you guys, but that's because you dont understand what it is to not have them...

    Go to war torn countries and see for yourself. I support the occupation, help is help, no matter if its material, psychological or physical contribution.

    Some of you people have no idea what these people are trying to accomplish and are only concerned with your own problems, I hope there's nobody there to catch you when you fall. Ill be there for my brothers and sisters, regardless of if they know me or not."

  20. another idiot who doesnt understabd whats going on with the opposition here, getting VERY tiresome

  21. RE: Also learn to fucking spell for christ's sake.

    so your argument is now about a spelling mistake, sigh

  22. "RE: Also learn to fucking spell for christ's sake."

    Christ has a capital C

    Whilst cocklord only has a small c

    You are the latter

  23. This is a very disappointing response.
    There has not been ONE suggestion of what to do INSTEAD of the occupation.
    It seems to be either : be annoyed and "alienated" by some students who are concerned about a war which is killing people.
    or: ignore the whole problem and do nothing.

    Surely anyone in favour of unleashing hounds on their fellow students could do more help putting forward a valid alternative? and then of course bothering to follow it up with some direct action. Or are we really just "Thoroughly enjoying this" at the expense of some dying Palestinians.

  24. Plenty of suggestions have been put forward.

    Plenty of sympathy has been offered to the cause.

    The occupiers and their fan club refuse to listen, because they aren't actually able to rationalise the 'cause' sensibly - is it palestine? is it the arms trade? is it University architecture? is it underlying socialist beliefs?

    The whole occupation has become a parody of itself, the only thing undermining the importance of the issue now is the embarrassing behaviour of the occupiers.

    I support positive aid for Palestine.

    I dont support a bunch of middle class kids acting like idiots and treating their highly priveleged degree course with such apathy and disdain.

    Until they stop behaving like such a joke, I will continue to be amused at the grief they're getting.

    When they grow up, perhaps others will be ready to talk.

    Easy really.

  25. jesus christ! blasphemy! didnt use capitals! Have the Christian Union now joined your tory boy blogger club?

  26. It seems given that since those who oppose the occupation can no longer appeal to the (false) argument about disruption of education they have shown their true colours and resorted simply to personal insults or calls for repression of a peaceful protest by the university management or the state. At least we are no longer kidding ourselves ay? ;)

    As we have continually and consistently said. You gotta problem with the tactics, or even the cause come down and talk with us. The space is open and we are ready and willing to talk. It was positive that the president of the Jewish society actually engaged us in a constructive dialogue and we are relieved that we were able to make our anti-racist position clear to him.

    In summary - Drop the anon, grow some balls and get your ass down here.

  27. so you criticise someone for a mistake, then you make one, called on it and your response is tory boy blogger club?

    Can't you form a decent reply apart from accusing people or being tories?

  28. "I dont support a bunch of middle class kids acting like idiots and treating their highly priveleged degree course with such apathy and disdain."

    Evidently you know nothing about us.

  29. @21:30

    you didnt really say anything in your post at all. Just a lot of words without and backing. Glad you 'supportpositive aid' for Palestine though. Whatever that might entail?

  30. Im not an occupier. But id advise though who are not to stoop to the level of responding to the eejits on here who are clearly trying to distract you from the main objectives, negotiations and dent your morale. They do not represent majority opinion. If they did, many many more students would have made their views loud and clear either by going to the hicks/jessop and taking their cause to the concourse.

    Unless they are a 'silent majority':)

  31. Why is everone either middle class or tori?

    Is no one else credited with the ability to speak out?

  32. I mean for pity's sake at least the other right wing scumbags at other unis had the common decency to organise a counter demo. All you people can muster is a spate of trolling and a few sycophantic gestures to the VC

    must try harder.

  33. Dont tempt them. You dont wanna see a bunch (4) of young conservatives when they're really mad!

  34. yeah, what exactly are the concrete oppositions to the occupation that do not entail
    > they are (supposedly) all middle class, a false and irrelevant argument
    > it disrupts lectures (it hasn't)
    > there are better alternatives, (which may be true, but have definitely not accumulated this much interest)

  35. sigh, again with the tory comments, is that your only answer for people who disagree with you?

  36. RE: 21.46

    and its illegal and blackmailing people and bulling people

  37. bulling people ? OUCH

  38. who is being bullied?

    poor them. poor poor poor them. being bullied by students worried about palestine. poor poor them.

    yeh its blackmailing. sick i hope it works.

  39. I'm not really sure where all the hatred is coming from for these posts. Perhaps it could be directed towards a better cause. Regardless of anything that is happening here, there are men, women and children being killed in a war that is inarguably being dominated by a stronger side. Of course, there are complex politics involved, but i doubt the families that are being wiped out appreciate our hesitations to try to understand them.
    Surely if you personally have been moved to leave a negative comment against this occupation, you personally have formulated an idea for a better solution. Or should we all just agree that its too difficult to get involved in the israeli-palestinian conflict, and leave the sufferers to it?
    Clearly there are things wrong with this occupation, as it has been received so negatively by many of those it intended to represent. But the question is; can you think of something better? (i would just like to point out here that it was in no way carried out on a whim, many attempts to enter into negotiations with the university have been previously ignored). If you can; submit your proposal and make a valid attempt to put it into practice.
    Maybe the occupation itself is a bad strategy, but in what way is doing nothing a good strategy?
    Judging from the comments left on this blog, the authors have not visited the occupation, The occupation itself has been run entirely democratically and anyone can come to a meeting and pose a suggestion or place a complaint. If more of the protesters do this, a better informed judgement and better directed outcomes can be made.
    I am certainly not childish, and nor do i belong to any political party. I am simply an individual struggling to understand why we as a nation are happy sit back and relax as atrocities occur elsewhere. Please can we have positive suggestions from now on.
    -Or at least criticisms that do not centre on the occupation having disturbed students, because it has been made quite clear already that no disruption to lectures has actually taken place.

  40. Are you seriously not finding this shite tedious?

    If people care so much, go out and fundraise. Go and do aid work in Palestine. Do something pragmatic, sensible and useful.

    Yes, the complaining and arguing is unhelpful. Equally as unhelpful as sitting on your arse in a building 'discussing the issues', listing demands, arguing (irrelevant) political values or watching films.

    What has the protest achieved in Sheffield, other than attracting a great deal if dislike? Not a great lot. What is continuing it needlessly going to do? Not a great lot - other than perhaps getting a bunch of students kicked out and potentially in trouble with the police.

    Here's a thought - give it up and do something useful. Collect money, send aid parcels, hand out flyers, campaign ... unless you're suggesting all charity work (Marie Curie, McMillan, Oxfam and the rest) would be better stopped in favour of arbitrary occupation of public buildings.

    It's really, really not difficult. Unless you want it to be - which it's sadly appearing a small minority do. Shame on them.

    I'd encourage the rest not to be dragged down. If you do, take the grief on the chin - you continue to earn it.

  41. woah, read the prior response to yours. its like yours, but positive.

  42. I wonder how many people posting or reading comments took the trouble to view the Early Day Motion someone gave us a link to? Here it is, from a cross-party group of democratically-elected MPs who feel - well, it's here in the text:


    McDonnell, John
    That this House praises the wave of student occupations across the country against Israel's unlawful invasion and bombing of Gaza; regrets that an estimated thousand Palestinians have been killed as a direct result of the recent Israeli invasion of Gaza with many more people injured and suffering ongoing hardship; and welcomes the engagement of young people in protesting against the unfolding human tragedy in Gaza by taking direct action at numerous institutions including Cambridge University, Essex University, Kings College London, Manchester Metropolitan University, Oxford University, Queen Mary University London and Sussex University.

    Keep it clean and grown-up, everybody. Until that happens, there'll be lots more posts signed 'anon' like this one.

  43. that early say motion from 2 months ago and had 22 signatures (out of 646)

    not exactly mass support is it.

  44. 22 constituency representatives. Quite impressive when you think of the numbers those MPs represent.

    I'm not sure all 646 were present either.

    Keep going folks!

  45. Despite some offensive, egoistic and somewhat inarticulately childish opposition that speaks in the voice of apathy and narrow-mindedness, there are, in fact, many people (myself and many of who I know) wholeheartedly supporting the cause of the occupiers. Therefore, don't be discouraged by a minority that is brave and loud only as Anonymous, but is too cowardly to engage in a open argument and debate with the occupiers. For an opposition to be effective, it has to openly and constructively defeat the position, which,in my mind, has not yet happen.

    In solidarity and support!

  46. You think that just becuase the MP voted in support it means all their constituents support it too? that is pushing the boundaries of ludicrousness.

    So by your reckoning that 624 constituencies who don't support it.

    And for the comment above - just becuase people disagree doesnt mean they are offensive, egoistic and childish - the vast majority of those comments have been from the protesters who continue to ignore any points made and have an us vs them attitude.

    The opposition is quite effective, because you have achieved nothing, in fact the oppostition doesnt need to be effective, because the occupation has been so ineffective.

    And has been said many times, you wont find many people who disagree with the cause, what everyone opposes is the methods - this has been made perfectly clear many times yet continues to be ignored.

  47. No, not everyone opposes their methods. Lets be honest about this, many students actively support their method, probably around an equal number are actively against it and the vast majority don't really care either way.

    I agree, there aren't many people who don't agree with the cause but I think it's ridiculous to suggest that the majority of students are raving about this, if that were the case then all that would need to happen is that a few hundred of them come down and remove the occupiers themselves. That, however, is not going to happen - because the vast majority of students do not give a flying fuck that their is an occupation. Those in departments located in jessops west have mostly found it hilarious that it is being occupied, in fact, the lecturer of one of my classes joked about occupying that very space at the beginning of the year when the lecture theater booked for us (in hicks actually) was nicked by a load of maths students, leaving us to wander aimlessly around campus for half and hour. Everyone based in that building hates it, staff and students alike.

    So those of you who claim to be speaking on behalf of the 'majority of students' - you're not. You're just adding another reason to support it, it annoys you and I support anything that annoys people as pathetic as yourselves.

    Love, solidarity and kisses

  48. Interesting theories, but no mention of a party, how disappointing of the great unwashed!

  49. "you won't find many people who disagree with cause, what everyone opposes is the methods"

    What if everyone who has written on here critisising the occupation agreed to meet up and discuss what could be done as an alternative? Maybe fund-raising ideas or having public speakers to further explain the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? What would be the best way to cease our involvement in the arms trade? How can we best make ourselves of use to those suffering in this war?
    It seems to be fairly pointless trying to negotiate with the university and its vice chancellor, as they refused to negotiate before the occupation (despite consistent requests), or during it.
    If people are so disgusted at an attempt to help the people of Palestine simply because they disagree with the method, use this reaction to fuel a more effective effort.
    (although it is important to note that whatever opinion you have on the occupation, the vice chancellor is now willing to enter into negotiations with relevant groups concerning the issue of Gaza, something that he was unwilling to do prior to the campaign. Also that occupied universities across Britain have been meeting their proposals as a result. No one can argue that occupation point blank does not work.)

  50. Why should the university or the vice chancellor negotiate with the protestors? They're there to run a university, not assist students further a political agenda.

    Some actual genuine off-campus activity to help the Palestinians might be in order; it would certainly garner more respect. Current methods look like the same old 'Student Grant from Viz'-type vanity we see each and every time a cause-du-jour comes up. We all know you're going to grow up to be accountants, why can't you find some other way to get your teenage angst out of your system that doesn't involve such a large amount of disruption for such a little amount of effect?

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