Thursday, 19 March 2009

NUS Black Students Campaign

We have received a message of support from the National Union of Students Black Students Campaign.

As a further update on our status, we haven't received any further communication from the University management. And they haven't issued the threatened court order as of yet.

Through persistent flyering and campaigning on the concourse yesterday we had over 80 people attending a public meeting where we hosted a talk from a University Psychology Lecturer on a previously successful academics' campaign against a publisher's involvement in the arms trade. We followed this by a discussions on why we're occupying and what we feel we can achive.

We're planning to host a similar meeting tonight, with better organisation around a Q&A session on the occupation. We also plan to show films during the evening and have offered our space for other societies to host their planned public meetings.


  1. 80 people - wow, mass support indeed

  2. Get another 20 and you can appoint a centurion!

  3. Surprise suprise the NUS BSC - i.e. a mouthpiece for Student Broad Left supports you.

  4. NUS BSC have moved far beyond SBL.

    Keep in mind Fiona 'SBL' Edwards has done everything she can to undermine this occupation. She's been a typical left beaurocrat =/

    NUS BSC is far more progressive than the rotten SBL.