Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Messages of support

Messages of support and solidarity keep pouring in. So far, we've received messages of support from the following (either as organisations or as individual members of...)

  • University of Sheffield Amnesty International
  • Cambridge Gaza Solidarity
  • Cambridge IWW
  • Cardiff Students Against the War
  • Dadaist International
  • Edinburgh Student Occupation
  • Greek Young Greens
  • Hands Off the People of Iran
  • Jews for Justice for Palestinians
  • Sheffield People & Planet
  • Sheffield Anarchist Federation
  • Sheffield STWC
  • Sheffield SWP
  • Sheffield TUC
  • Sheffield Socialist Party
  • Sheffield Workers’ Liberty
  • Sussex University occupiers
  • Tyneside PSC
  • Newcastle University occupiers
  • Warwick University
  • Worker-Communist Party of Iran
  • Workers’ Left Unity Iran
  • CND
  • Northampton NUT
  • North East Workers’ Liberty
  • Students As Students, Greenwich
  • Swansea University
  • Sunderland University
  • Sheffield Student Action for Refugees
  • University of Sheffield Turkish Society
  • Exeter University
  • Bradford University occupiers
  • SOAS occupiers
  • Take Back New York University
  • Public & Civil Service Union Independent Left
  • Leeds Workers' Liberty
  • South Yorkshire NUJ
  • Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • Nottingham University Occupation
  • Archaeologists for Global Justice
  • NUS Black Students Campaign
  • Sheffield University Snowboarding Club

If you wish to have your organisation added please leave a comment, or email us sheffieldoccupation(at}googlemail[dot}com


  1. Judean People's Front signing in - please add us to your list. Solidarity brothers.

  2. Sheffield Student Action for Refugees

  3. District of Columbia Socialist Veterans of America

  4. Solidarity and best wishes from Sheffield Socialist Party

  5. Solidarity from SPRING THUNDER

  6. Soldairty from Manchester HOPI and Manchester Anarchist Federation


  7. I feel inclined to express discontent that the occupation initiatives are turning towards socialist, worker's liberty type demans. I'm totally for all these causes, but merging very separate issues into one occupational demand seems like a bad move. It's only likely to turn more people against you, and weaken the position you stand for on Gaza.

    Concentrate and raising awareness about Palestine/Israel, and getting those demands met.

    But in general, nice work!

  8. solidarity greetings from Communist Students

  9. Hey guys - Tamar Katz, the 19 year old Israeli refuser who spoke at the uni last week emailed me today, including these words for you:

    "Good luck with the occupation I must say that your work is admirable as well, stay stong! and I hope you'll get all of the demands!"

  10. Please count on the support and solidarity of Revolution - Socialist Youth Organisation

  11. Solidarity from
    the Group of Social Archaeologists from Peru